Officially promoted & organized Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Series

Federation International Gymnastics officially promoted & organized a series of competitions named World Cup Gymnastics. Artistic World Cup Gymnastics is one of the series that FIG officially managed. Australia is desirous of hosting the World Cup Gymnastics once again.

There is no doubt that gymnastics have taken on the key role. People like them and love their favorite teams especially when they win. The time has come to promote the games officially. The governments of the countries mostly don’t pay attention to promoting the games like Gymnastics despite the fact that the official departments are working officially. Hence, there’s a need to make them neutral even more than their current transparency rate.

FIG has played a very important role and this continues to grow up each day that passes. Organizations like above have taken on the key role to promote the games both at home and abroad. Credit should be given where it is due – there are a number of organizations in our country working for the same cause. Our country is a big country in terms of gymnastics. (more…)

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